Sunday, July 12, 2009

Insulation: Day 9

We've done it again. Another session of blowing insulation. 42 bags (all we had) and THE ATTIC IS DONE! Really done, no adding more after it settles, etc. Just done. Glory halleluia.

Isaac and I really got our groove on and got into a great rhythm of responsibilities. We did 30 bags in the first hour. Hot dog! That was when we were still sending it up to the attic where the hose is not restricted in any way and things go lickety-split.

Then we started on the west wall--last one! We got all the bottom holes fed (they were already quite full from insulation falling in from the other two walls) and got a start on the top holes. One more session should fill them all up.

I thought we would then top up all the walls and be done with it. But now I have learned that we are going to wait 6-8 weeks before topping them off. ::sigh:: Not only does this delay my "happy to be done with it" dance, it also means we'll be doing it after Isaac's gone. He's a great help, and has also been doing a good job on mudding and taping the drywall. Now all those top holes will have to be done by Troy. But I guess that's how it is.

And that's about all from this end. Have a good night.

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