Sunday, July 05, 2009

Drywall and Other Fun

It's been a busy weekend, but most of the work you're seeing here was done last week.

I wish I could convey the feeling of looking at 70 feet of drywall all taped and mudded (1 coat). It looks so different than raw drywall.

Isaac has been doing a credible job and has the first coat done on the west wall and most of the north wall. By golly, this might get done yet!

Because of company and requisite entertainments, we decided not to do insulation again this week. Being so close to done with it, I have to admit to being a little frustrated with not having the time to work on it. (Did I just say that?)

Troy, however, very happily kept himself entertained with dressing up his trailer as he had mentioned he was going to do.
You may recall that the last holiday we had (Memorial Day) we enjoyed Insul-a-palooza. But July 4 was quite different. While the company and Isaac went to the zoo, I painted and mowed, and Troy spent the whole day working on his trailer. I mean the whole day. A few breaks for food.

Sunday after our picnic, he did the same. It is getting real close to looking like a box again.

A bonus for me of all this welding is that Troy hooked up an outlet for the welder out in the shop. The two thumbs up on that are:
  1. it gets the welder out of my kitchen and frees up 1 more square foot of floor space, and
  2. the welder will no longer hog my dryer outlet when I wish to do laundry.
Just in case you wanted to know what's in it for me.

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troy and christina said...

While I appreciate the reduced level of junk in the kitchen just like you, I miss having the welder _really handy_ in the house, because you just never know when you might want to weld something together in the kitchen. How many kitchens have a welder as an appliance???


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