Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Floor and a Flourish

I finished the last post saying you couldn't piece together a floor but after considering buying a whole new piece of grade A plywood, Troy decided he could.

The last section we had to do was about 2x5' and is going to be directly under one of the booths. So with some extra care, extra screws and extra adhesive, Troy went ahead and installed a couple of patches and got the floor done.

We have a single solid surface for a floor. Woo hoo.

Here it is looking to the north west:

And here looking south/southwest:
That's a lot of good looking floor, right?

Now for the flourish. I wanted a pair of corbels to go under the counter on the side of the island where it hangs over 12 inches. I priced some when I ordered the cabinets and while one style was about $220, the other was $350. EACH! The way the sales person reacted when she saw that, I don't think she would have let me buy them even if I begged. But I didn't.

When I got home, I did a little ebay search and came up with a very nice option. Two days later I had won a nice pair of mismatched corbels (~$150 if you're curious) and they arrived yesterday:
Aren't they gorgeous!? They have a nice heft to them (let's guess 7 lbs) and the finish was much nicer than I expected from the pictures. My plan was to paint them up, but now I'm not sure I can let myself! We'll see...

I love how they match but aren't the same. I presume they were handmade as they aren't the same size and the carving isn't identical from one to the other.
The grapes fit in with the little fruit theme that seems to be happening too.

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