Sunday, May 24, 2009

Insulapalooza: Day 1

Day 1 of our Memorial Weekend Insulapalooza got to a late start. We had lunch after church with some friends who were back in town for the day. That was very nice.

And then we sat in the car for a bit when we got home, talking and resting from our big lunch. (My habits are rubbing off on Troy.)

But, finally, by 3:30 or so, we were getting started on the business at hand. My part started with stacking up the pallet Troy bought last week and literally threw out of the truck.

Troy got the last of the holes drilled on the south wall while I was doing that. Then he said he was ready and ran up the ladder.

I didn't start the machine because he didn't have his mask on. He got "suited up" and then he ran up the ladder to start.

I go to press the on button of the power bar we're using and realize the power bar hasn't been taped to the side of the machine.

Troy comes down to help but I wave him off and try to sign to him that he needs to find an extension cord with power. (Because the power strip is going to need to have some juice.) Troy thinks I mumble in general and he can't hear half of what I do, but with both of us wearing earplugs and masks the problem is much much worse!

We finally get it all set up, and we are actually ready to start now. Poor Troy is up on the ladder again. (I am much more sympathetic since my own time up on a ladder.) He didn't get a chance to sit much today, and didn't move the ladder while leaving the hose unattended either. Despite that, we still had the hose get away twice today. Too much excitement.

We managed to get a pallet done (42 bags) and have 68 more bags we could do tomorrow if we get right on it. One motivation will be to spray the attic in the morning before it has much of a chance to heat up. Even in the main room, Troy was very warm today up by the ceiling. Unfortunately, he did not give me the sight of a bare-chested hot and sweaty man. Wouldn't that have looked sweet with his suspenders.

Ha! Gotcha to smile,

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