Friday, May 08, 2009

You're It

So I have a new strategy to keep myself motivated on firewood. I've made it competitive. I don't race against the clock. I don't compete for style points. I merely want to split whatever Troy is able to wrangle to the splitter before he has a chance to turn around.

So if he has time on Tuesday to chop and drop a load of wood, I have time on Wednesday to organize* it, split it, and stack it. HA! Beat that! [I say in my head.]

Now it's on Troy to keep this moving. I've done my part. HA!

Whatever it takes.


* By organize, I mean remove the wood from where I actually have to sit to operate the splitter which is where Troy likes to drop it. I don't want you to think I'm that compulsive. And btw I've outsmarted him this time because after I was done, I put the boxes I use to collect kindling right where I need to sit. So Troy would really have to work at it to put the wood there in my way.

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