Sunday, May 17, 2009

Insulation: Day 3

We managed Day 3 of insulation today. We blew in 48 bags of insulation, so just over a pallet. Troy returned the machine to the shop this evening and bought another pallet. We were down to 26 bags and have to prepare for "insul-a-palloza" this coming long weekend. If we can buy the insulation ahead of time, that would save a lot of driving back and forth over the weekend. I hope it works out to get the machine for two days.

Today when we started I got to unload the truck and set up the fans, blower, etc while Troy finished drilling the last few holes.
He had done most of the lower holes on the south side but didn't quite have them all done. (Something about planting apple trees in the rain.)

So the drill (and is it a fortner bit?) takes out the pucks of drywall but he stops short of the moisture barrier. For that, he goes back around and cuts them all out with his knife.

But doesn't cut all the way around. He leaves a little bit on the bottom of the holes to keep the flap attached. Because he's going to use that plastic again, you know. The moisture barrier must remain intact.

The result is that the holes end up looking like little mouths with their tongues hanging out. (My wall is taunting me.) And they are very hungry mouths.

And one feeding is not going to satisfy them. Can you see in the pic below all the empty mouths? This is a pic of the upper holes of the north wall. Yes, the wall we "finished" last week.

The insulation has since settled and we have to go back around and refill all of them. I think once we fill them the second time, I will be "helpful" and plug all those holes quick. Then we won't know if the insulation settles again. That is a good solution, don't you think?

Today we filled the lower holes along the entire south wall. Just the upper holes on that wall and much smaller east and west* walls to go. Well, that would be Phase I. Then Phase II would have to be done on all the upper holes to make up for any settling.

All for now, my body is begging for some sleepy time.

*The west wall still needs drywall; that would come first.

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