Monday, May 25, 2009

Insulapalooza: Day 2

We put in a good day today, if not the marathon I had at times suspected it would be. We got another late start as it is hard to get going on a holiday morning when you've been up late the night before...ah, that little step in the preparation stage: get enough sleep.

But by 10 we were in the shop getting things started. It was a blessing to not have to set everything up as we were able to leave everything when we finished yesterday. The kind boys at Home Depot had no trouble with us keeping the machine for two days. And he assured Troy that he'd make sure enough got ordered this week and a shrink wrapped pallet would be waiting for him. That's what I'm talking about!

We started with the 5 or 6 slots left on the south wall and then proceeded to the attic. (You can see that was when he got serious about his mask.)

Troy had bought a remote control power switch so we could hook it up to a light, and he could shut off the light (from the attic) to let me know if I needed to stop the machine. It did not work at all. So we tried our 2-way radios and they worked pretty well even with the machine going, the fan running and earplugs in. It helped that he really didn't need me to stop much.

Before we started blowing insulation, Troy tried to mark the desired height on a couple places on the trusses using some spray paint. This is also when he glibly decided to raise it from 16" to 18".

When I asked if he had any idea of how much more insulation that is going to be...2" over a 70' x 30' area, he figured 2 pallets. Two more pallets. Oh, big sigh. That's two extra Sundays, as far as I figure it.

Well, however much we end up doing, we got the machine started again and did a solid hour of it from noon to 1. Troy discovered it took about 2 minutes for it to be too dusty to see his height markings. But I guess he has something to double check things by when it settles down.

When I stopped things for lunch, Troy was only too happy to get out of his hunched position in the attic. Standing stooped over trying to manoeuvre around the trusses and only being able to step on the skinny edge of a 2x4 turns out to be not very comfortable. And, apparently, it's dusty:
Probably not the most flattering pic I've ever taken of my hubby.

We took a long break and then got going again by 5 or so. We pounded out the last 30 bags in less than an hour and a half. Although neither of us get any breaks, it sure is nice to just keep knocking it out. And when we finished, there was not one single bag of insulation left in the shop. Woo hoo, good riddance to you!

We then packed up the truck with the blower and hose and retired to good wet shower.


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