Sunday, May 31, 2009

Insulation: Day 6

No pictures today. Sorry. It was all business. Started at 2:45; finished at 6:30. Slammed 50 bags through the hose. If we're not half done the attic, we are pretty close.

Troy was hot and uncomfortable in the attic. I was rather comfortable in the by-now-mostly insulated shop. The day was not that hot, actually, but very sunny and Troy was feeling it working under the dark grey shingles.

He was also running the still and that slowed us down some as we had to stop and check it every 30 minutes. Every half hour doesn't seem that often, but it is.

This week we will probably not make a lot of building progress as we will be cleaning up in preparation for some company. I still hope to get in a little painting as the window trim is sitting bare right now. It depends a lot on the weather, so who knows!

Life's an adventure where you don't get to read ahead,

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