Sunday, June 14, 2009

Insulation: Day 7

We were at it again. I can't say I was a cheerful worker today, but we got it done. I should admit that I had my fun first and then the work, so maybe that was part of it.

We rearranged the schedule so I could go to the Red Purl knitting club for the first part of the afternoon. (Thank you, Troy.) Troy used the time to put up more drywall so we could finish the north wall and start on the west end of the attic. (Meaning the east side was almost done!!)

And concerning the drywall, I counted 3 partial sheets left to go on the ceiling and 2 1/2 on the west wall. And I think that's it! Can I hear a big "woot woot" in da house?

I was home by 5, changed and ate dinner by about 5:20. I went out and met Troy who was just finishing up a sheet of drywall. We did all the set up, unloading the truck, etc, and were blowing insulation by about 6. Took a break at 7:30, finished blowing 45 bags by about 8:45, cleaned up, loaded up the truck, and I was in the house by 9:04.

We skipped insulation last week and noticed some changes in the equipment. For one thing we could tell someone else had rented it. We got the hose in this sort of condition:
When we're the only ones using it, we enjoy receiving the hose in this condition:
--the way we left it. (Is it really so hard to coil up the hose for the next guy?)

And the other thing we noticed is that they finally fixed the on/off switch! We didn't have to tape a power cord to the side of the machine. Perhaps the other people who rented it complained in a more convincing manner than Troy. Who knows. Not that we need the on/off switch much now that Troy's in the attic. It's all go go go now.

As for how long this will continue, I anticipate at least three more pallets.

And so it goes on...

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