Sunday, June 28, 2009

Insulation: Day 8

We were at it again today. And with a new helper
and a new machine. Both helped us to have our most productive day ever: 72 bags! The new pallet and all the "leftover" ones. It feels good to have the shop empty of insulation again.

Isaac arrived today and was barely here an hour before we had put him to work. He was a good worker and as he could handle the bags, I shifted to helper/project coordinator.

They gave us a different machine because the regular one was broken. This produced some anxiety on my part [change! change! ah!], but it worked out great. I think the machine was quieter and quicker with less dust. And much lighter to move around and lift into the truck. What more could I ask for? And why is this the "back up" machine? Or maybe that's the wrong assumption. Maybe they save it for their favourite customers. Who knows.

In any case, we got a pallet blown in the first two hours and then went back out for another 70 minutes to blow the last 30 bags. (That's 2 1/3 min/bag which soundly beats our previous 3 min/bag time). The attic is nearly finished, with about 3.5 bays (out of 35) to do yet.

The new machine had a lovely picture on it:
They make it sound so easy: no cutting, no fitting...nothing to it, right? And I notice the man in the picture has no dust flying around.

I wonder what we are doing wrong?

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