Saturday, June 13, 2009

This and That

So making the firewood competitive didn't seem to work. Or maybe my ferocity scared Troy off. You see, since that post a full month ago, I have yet to see a single stick of firewood laid out for me to split it. I finally had to ask Troy for more because I'm getting anxious about getting the racks full. And there were a couple days when I could have done an hour or two. You know, sometimes I like a few options in what I have to do. (All the better to put off painting, perhaps?)

So Troy conceded to my desires and cut a little more last night.

I had dragged myself out in the evening to put a second coat of primer on the window trim (while the ladder was up and it wasn't actually raining...). I finished in less time than I thought it would take so I decided that perhaps Troy would like some help. It can be a real drag when you're doing a job like that alone. Doing every single step of a project can drag you down. Or it can me, anyway.

So I followed the sounds of the chainsaw and while Troy cut, I stacked onto the trailer and helped to uncover branches from the weeds. It was an intricate dance we did as Troy wielded the chainsaw and I tried to stay out of harm's way. We didn't get a whole lot of wood to split but we got a lot of "messy" branches cleaned out of the way and are slowly reclaiming some of the land that it's hogging.

This morning we moved the ladder so I can reach the last corner of the gable that needs scraping. It rained pretty steadily all day, however, so I didn't actually get up to do any work. The rain also precluded work on the wood. (I am a wuss in rain, I admit.)

Instead I worked ahead on the laundry (ok, I know that's not really how it works since I'm not washing the clothes before we wear them, but it felt like it since I could do laundry now or later, and chose to do it now) even though the rain kept me from using the clothesline. And I did a little knitting. Oh ya, and a bunch of book keeping. Taxes are due on Monday so I have to make sure they get paid. And some more odds and ends. And a little more knitting, I admit.

And that's my day.

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