Sunday, June 28, 2009

Local Bugs

This was a moth which took temporary residence on the side of the overhead door of the shop.

Care for a little scale?
I think Troy's leatherman is 6 inches across.

And while I was taking this pic, Troy slapped a mosquito on my back:
It's the largest we've ever seen. It may be hard to see scale on Troy's palm, but I would defend the claim that it was an inch from tip to toe. We were all impressed.

And what about the wasps? I did manage to paint a coat undisturbed. The trick is to resume the game without the opponent knowing that intermission is over. In other words, I headed out early enough that the wasp was not back looking to go to bed yet. Or whatever they do in the nest in the early evening.

Then I soaked some rags in wasp killer and left them hanging up there.

That's right, I went all Tonya Harding on their ass.

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