Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Score is Tied at One

That would be
Christina: 1
Wasp: 1

I scored early in the day (let me specify: early by my standards) by getting up the ladder and actually being able to reach the wasp nests right under the very peak:
They were waaaay up there and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to reach them. But we got the ladder in the right position and I got them. I also got all the boards scraped.

We have a lot of these little wasps nests and it felt good to get rid of a few of them. See:
Doesn't that look better?

The wasps weren't home at the time and so weren't able to mount a protest.

Later, however...I went back up the ladder when the temperature was cooler and was painting happily away. (Happy to not have fallen off the ladder anyway.)

I noticed the wasp come over the south edge of the roof, but he (she?) it was just flying around and walking along the eaves. I was content to live and let live. It didn't take long, however, for the wasp to read the situation and take some offense. For some reason, with its home disappeared, it felt threatened by this big body waving an arm around with a paintbrush at the end.

I warded off the first dive bomb but it got in a good sting on my left hand. (Middle finger, appropriately enough.) Score one for the wasps to tie it up. When the second wasp showed up, I hightailed it down the ladder, not willing to try to fend off two at the top of a ladder.

Not wanting to make my retreat permanent, I went back up with a fly swatter. That didn't go so well. The wasp has to actually land for it to be very effective, and it was too busy trying to dive bomb me again. Another retreat on my part.

Now I am left considering my options, regretting I didn't remember to use the wasp spray earlier, and nursing my finger.

But this is only an intermission...Game on!

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