Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping at it

Today I left work early in part to get to the paint while the weather was still clear. We've had a lot of rain lately and it's interfering with my progress.
Troy had the ladder in place for me and I finished scraping the gable tonight! Yeah! I celebrated with some Kraft dinner [mac&cheese] with hotdogs. It was very yummy and convinced me that it really is summer.

You will also notice in the picture that the window has two coats of primer on its trim. That's as far as I'm going when I still have to paint above it. But as you can see, comparing to this:
the trim looks a lot better now.

After my fortifying Kraft dinner, I went out and split and stacked all the wood we got the other day too. While the weather's good I've got to get as much done as I can. It added about 24" of height to the wood stack I piled it on, so that is at least measurable.

That means Troy's "it" if you're keeping track. I won't yell it too loud, however; I don't want to intimidate him again...


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