Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Servitude Monday (Holidays Count)

It wasn't a Sunday, but I thought since I wasn't putting in my 10 hours at my job on Monday, I could probably "give" two of them to Troy. It wasn't sexy, but I did get all the old paneling and other wood scraps cut up and into the garbage bins. And then I even had time to vacuum up the mess from the hand saw. The floor was looking pretty spiffy.

(Troy and I had this discussion a few weeks ago--do I need to clean up the floor before we put down the subfloor? My theory is that it is only going to get dirty anyway and um, it's not like you are ever going to see it. Troy didn't like the thought of it one bit. For the record, I only vacuumed in this case because I didn't want to live in the mess, not because I decided Troy was right.)

Troy got a few more exciting things done. Like cut the hole for the exhaust fan
and then get it covered.

He also got the hot water line run and capped so he could test it. We now technically have hot and cold water in the kitchen.

And then, to win a bet he had with me, he screwed down the first piece of the subfloor.

As I type, he is trying to cram in little styrofoam pellets to insulate that section in and around the pipes. I suggested he should pour the pellets in before he screwed down the plywood, but he couldn't wait. He thought it would work better to push them in from the side. (I remain unconvinced.)

But that is the start of a real floor, people! When's the next holiday celebrating labour?

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