Sunday, September 11, 2011

Servitude Sunday: More Insulation

Today's "to do" list included putting some more foam insulation on the floor to keep the cellulose insulation from sitting directly on the concrete. I did the first section back in March.

Here is the base of an external wall:
The yellow arrow points to the area I've already done. (There is white foam under all that sawdust.)
The black arrow points to the area I had to do today and is the area between the exterior wall and the new interior part of the wall.
The red arrow points to a little crack between the wall and the floor. That is where we're going to terminate the vapour barrier with a U-turn. The drywall might going down there to finish it off, but I'm not sure about that part.

So here is the same section after I was done:
Need that again? Before:
That didn't quite take two hours, so I did some clean up as well. Prepared more wood scraps to go in the garbage, brought some stuff out to the shop, etc.

Yesterday I went to Lowe's again to finalize the cabinet plans. We had a final measurement on the walls (now that they're in), and I had a few changes and questions. Another couple hours and I had some revised plans. I dropped the pantry shelves (~$1,000 ea) and still ended up with the same total as before. Their prices have gone up and I got a couple extras like a spice rack and an additional lazy susan corner cupboard, and maybe more...but nothing too fancy. That was a little disheartening.

Then Troy insisted that we get a quote from Menards. I'm not crazy about Menards, but I didn't have a good argument not to. So I made a list of all the cabinets and we went today. I wasn't about to spend another few hours while the guy drew out a layout so I convinced him to just put together the order with the cabinets I specified. (He was pretty new, and with my experience at Lowes with the same program I was walking him through some of it!) By the time we were done we had a quote that was about $2,000 cheaper than the Lowe's one. Not much of a decision there, is it!?

He also mentioned that their special right now is a free sink cabinet with every 10 cabinets. Our order included 19. So we might order a base cabinet for the walk-thru pantry and throw that in while we're at it. We'll see. In any case, it's very exciting to be this close to ordering real cabinets.

P.S.While I was writing this, we put down two more pieces of subfloor. wOOt!

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