Sunday, September 18, 2011

Servitude Sunday: Floors and Cupboard Hangers

Another Sunday, another work session. Once thing we did was continue the flooring. Progress was halted by a big drain pipe being in the way. It was running along the left side of the chimney in the picture below:
If you look carefully (or if you click on it for a larger version), you can see where it was by finding the hole in the floor where the electric is coming through. As a side note, Troy was about to disconnect that box today to get the floor in but realized that a wire continues to the second level. We thought we might lose something important (like lights in the bathroom, or ???) A second look determined that we could work around the box so it ended up not being a problem.

Back to the matter at hand, Troy took out the pipe that was in the way and replaced it with this one:
that runs just on the other side of the wall. This will end up inside a closet/storage area and definitely not in the way. It is also part of the solution to the terrible plumbing situation discussed in a recent post. Troy doesn't quite have all the "uphill" drains out yet but he hopes to soon.

Currently we are without a drain to the downstairs sink. Troy assured me the shower was fine to use, but after my shower this morning he found half of the basement wet. [Can you relate to that, Yvonne??] Apparently the drainpipe just fell off again. He is hoping to still have both fixed tonight. (I said, "Please have it done...I want to shower in the morning." Troy replied, "Oh, I will. I want to shower tonight!") As he fixes the plumbing, the old parts seem to get jealous for attention and start to give us trouble!

Anyway, all this is to say that the pipe is out of the way and we could put down some more of the subfloor. I measured the funny shaped pieces, Troy cut them,
we laid them in place and then screwed them down.
Look at all that floor! We can now walk from the foyer to the back completely on a flat floor. The south end including the hallway to the dining room needs to be done yet.

Before I got to the floor, however, I was working on the filler wood we're going to use to hang the upper cabinets. You can see three of them here (the horizontal bits):
They vary in height because this is where the cabinet heights change to get around the beam. I measured and cut them, and then Troy came in with the pneumatic nail gun.

That is one step done to prepare for the cabinets because they are coming....I ordered them on Saturday. I was so excited. Everything went well, double checked the layout and really liked the woman I worked with. She had some good ideas which saved us some money (turns out it's cheaper to add a toe-kick to a wall cabinet than to order a narrow depth base unit) and seemed to "get" what I was doing. She also encouraged the suped-up sink cabinet with shelves and door storage which I hadn't even considered. We got in on a free sink cabinet deal and they don't care if it's simple or delux, so we went delux! (In return I taught her about the option of ordering a "handicap" toe kick because we're considering having the island at a higher height.)

Cabinets should be at the store by about October 9. We won't be ready for them by then, but we have a place to store them and decided it was better to have them than to be caught waiting for them. The thought right now is that we may have them in by Christmas. That means we would also have walls (drywall I mean) and insulation. Also counters and a kitchen sink. Oh, to have a kitchen sink again!!

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